Apparations (Click on picture to begin video)
Installation of pocket magnifiers, fishing line and staples to create transformative environment. Two videos are projected onto the lenses; one of a waterfall in North Georgia and the other of gold leaf spinning in water, a Taoist symbols for heaven and earth and the spiritual and the physical.

WISP (click on image to play video)
Video Documentation of Installation: WISP

Trees (Click on Image to play sound)
The sound piece, Trees, is a combination of nature and technology, physical and spiritual and mind and body. I use an IBVA neuro-feedback system to digitally record my brain waves (Alpha, Beta, Theta) and eye movement while in a seated meditation. From the recorded information I create a digital score by using MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). The “notes” of the “song” that you hear are recordings of trees creaking. The digital score, composed from brain activity, triggers when and what “notes” play. I use the sound as a backdrop for my installation as well as on its own. I have also performed the sound live, by meditating in a space and letting my brainwaves create the sound for viewers.
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