These works are based on the feeling of being, sleeping and dreaming outside; of moving like the wind through the grass; of dreaming like an elk; of flying like a bear. The beings mimic cycles in nature. They move seamlessly between self and environment to create an open-ended narrative: the figures/creatures are upswept on invisible currents; they listen and move with the natural world and base decisions on intuition, instinct and song. The organic is allowed to reveal itself as a magical space. Always becoming, they flow in-between this world and another, present and future, conscious and subconscious. The figures occupy ambiguous spaces: both inside and outside, closing and opening, inhaling and exhaling. They stem from body-knowledge, but are rooted in various mythological and oral traditions, which locate humans as a part of a broader interconnected living world not solely based on consumption and possession. These works are a retelling of old stories, weaving them into the now, creating new narratives.
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